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 Ever feel like a 'bad' Pagan...?

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PostSubject: Ever feel like a 'bad' Pagan...?   Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:32 pm

This is a lighthearted topic, but it is something I'm sure we've all felt. Flubbing a line of a ritual, dozing off while meditating, getting the wheel of the year wrong...

We're all far from perfect and its part of being human, but there are those times when you just have to facepalm and laugh at something you screwed up.

I personally feel bad when I doze off meditating. I'll be chilling, all deep in the moment.. then I will wake up a bit later with either my mate poking me or the cat meowing. That or flubbing the order of the sabbats.. X3

Feel free to share if you'd like.
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Ever feel like a 'bad' Pagan...?
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