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 Magickal properties of redbud

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PostSubject: Magickal properties of redbud   Sat Mar 05, 2011 4:37 pm

A while back, I was gifted a wind-felled section of a small tree that I thought might be perfect for runes, but before I make even the first cut, I had to know what it was.

It turns out the tree is a redbud, something native to these parts but thoroughly off the radar when it comes to your average literature on the magickal properties of trees.

What I do know thus far:

*Redbud is a member of the same broad family as peas and other legumes
*It has a long history as a spice or garnish, both with the Native American tribes and with Appalachian cooks, and is sometimes called "Spicewood."

I can find no specific reference to any cultural reverence it might be held under.

Anything you might know- whether it be the magickal status of another pea relative or some other insight- will be of some help.

If nothing avails, I might well assume this fine stout branch is a gift of The Goddess and make these runes all the same.
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Magickal properties of redbud
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