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 Dragon Magick and herbs (warning long post)

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PostSubject: Dragon Magick and herbs (warning long post)   Sun Jun 12, 2011 9:00 pm

Here is a list of herbs, which I got from my brother (not blood, but as strong), which you can use to find herbs and each one lists which part of the herb to use, the planet and element each one is connected to, as well as which kinda rituals you can use them in, and which dragon its connected to.

This is just one piece of reference, and depending on the path you may follow, you may see a few things that are different, like how you use each herb. Please let me know if this helps anyone. Also, you can use this just for the herbs, they do work, as far as I have found

WARNING: Some of these herbs ARE poisonous, they are marked as such, but always be careful and honour each herb

Dancing Dragons
The Sun is out. The Day is bright.
The dragons dance upon the grass
And trees and flowers brilliant
On the winds they pass.
In and out among the clouds
They frolic in the light,
Sliding down the sunbeams,
Dragons crystal bright.
When the Sun has passed beyond
Mountians turned purple-blue,
The dragons dance on through the night
On strands of moon-lit dew.
They dance to strains of music
Unheard by human ears,
Teach me, lovely dragons,
To dance with joy life's plan,
To lift myself to higher planes
Above the limits of common man

Herbs of the Dragons:
(acacia senegal)
Also called: Cape Gum, gum arabic tree, Egyptian thorn
Parts used: Twigs, wood, gum
Planet: Sun
Element: Air
Type of Ritual: Protection, clairvoyance. the wood can be burned with
sandalwood to stimulate the psychic centers
Dragons: Air, Light, Darkness, Guardians.

(pimento officinalis)
Also called: Clove pepper, Jamaica pepper, pimento
Parts used: immature fruit
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Energy, money, luck, healing, the ground herb, such as is
used in cooking, can be added to incense
Dragons: Fire, Volcanoes, Earth, Mountians

(Pimpinella anisum)
Also called: Anneys, aniseed
Parts used: seeds
Planet: Jupiter, sometimes Mercury
Element: Air
Type of Ritual: Protection, purification, meditation, This Herb has a
licorice odor to it. A small pillow filled with it will ward off nightmares.
Used in baths for cleansing. Place fresh in the ritual room or
burn as incense to protect or help call up astral entities
Dragons: Air, Light, Dark, Guardians

(populus tremula in Europe; P. tremuloides in America)
Also called: White poplar, quaking aspen
Parts used: bark, wood
Planet: Saturn, sometimes Mercury.
Element: Earth, sometimes Air
Type of Ritual: Knowledge, reincarnation, overcoming curses, protection
from thieves. An aspen tree in your yard is said to repel thieves. small
shaving of this wood can be added to incense.
Dragons: Earth, Air, Chaos, Light, Dark, Guardians

Balm of Gilead
(Icica carana, Populus candicans, Commiphora
Also called: Balm of Mecca, Balsam of Gilead, Mecca Balsam. In the
U.S., poplar buds of the Populus candicans, P. nigra or P. balsamifera are used.
Parts used: Buds
Planet: Saturn, sometimes Venus
Element: Earth, sometimes Water
Type of Ritual: Protection, manifestations, intellectual stimulations, healing,
Scott Cunningham suggests steeping the buds in redwine for a love drink.
The buds tend to be very stick.
Add to Magickal bags or burn as incense.
Dragons: Earth, Chaos, Guardians, Mountians, Forest, Air, Volcanoes

(Ocimum basilicum)
Also called: American dittany, alabahaca, St. Joesph's wort, sweet basil,
witches' herb
Parts used: the herb
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: purifacation, wealth, exorcism, love. Added to love sachets and incense,
basil can create a bond of sympathy between two people. Carried in the pocket, it attracts money and
business. Used in purifacations baths and sprinkled about the house, it drives out negative entities.
Dragons: Fire, Earth, Light, Dark, Seas, Mountians, Desert, Volcanoes, Chaos, Guardians

Bay Laurel
(Laurus nobilis)
Also called: Bay, bay tree, Grecian laurel, Indian bay, Roman laural, sweet bay, baie.
Parts used: Leaves
Planet: The Sun
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Protection, clairvoyance, excorcism, purifacation, healing.
Place beneth your pillow to produce psychic dreams. Burn to enhance
visions; be careful, though as, as burning bay leaves have an extremely
strong ordor. Hang wreaths or branches of bay in the house to ward off evil;
these will also drive out bothersome entities, as will burning bay.
Dragons: Fire, Volcanoes, Chaos, Water, Light, Dark, Guardian, Wind.

(Styrax benzoin)
Also called: Benjamen, gum benzoin, Siam benzoin
Parts used: gum
Planet: The Sun
Element: Air
Type of Ritual: Intellectual, purification, prosperity. Benzoin is usually
burned as part of an incense, not by itself. Burning benzoin clears and purifies the
atmosphere; purified surroundings enhance the intellect. This herb will also attract money.
Dragons: Air, Water, Light, Dark, Seas, Earth, Guardian.

Betony, Wood
(Stachys officinals, Betonica officinals, Stachys betonica)
Also called: Bishopswart, lousewort, wood betony, purple betony
Parts used: The herb
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Protection, purification. Placed beneth your pillow it will produce a psychic shield that
keeps others from influencing you while you are asleep. Planted around the house it makes a
barrier of protection. "Washing" the smoke of burning betony over your body will purify your aura.
Dragons: Fire, Volcanoes, Dark, Light, Chaos, Water, Guardian, Wind

(Polygonum bistorta)
Also called: Patience dock, snake weed, dragonwort, sweet dock, English serpentary, red legs, Easter giant
Parts used: The herb, root
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Type of Ritual: Clairvotance, fertility, money. Old traditions say to carry bistort if you wish to become pregnant.
Carried in sachet bags or burned, it draws money. Burn with Frankincense to increase you powers during
divination. An infusion made of betony and sprinkled around your home will drive out poltergeists.
Dragons: Earth, Mountians, Guardian, Light, Dark, Desert, Seas

(Eupatorium perfilatum)
Also called: Thoroughwort, agueweed, teasel, feverwort, Indian sage.
Part used: The Herb
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth, sometimes Water
Type of Ritual: Binding, exorism, Sprinkle an ifusion of this herb to
drive away negaitivity. Burn with other incense to produce a binding effect on entities or humans
that are harassing you.
Dragons: Fire, Volcanoes, Dark, Wind, Desert, Chaos

(Acorus calamus)
Also called: Sweet flag, sweet sedge, sweet rush, aromatic rush,
This is a poisonous herb keep out of reach of children and pets!!
Parts used: the root and herb
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: Protection, knowledge, binding, luck, The powdered root can be added to other incense
to increase the binding power of your rituals and give protection. A small piece can be carried to bring luck.
Dragons: Seas, Water, Air, Earth, Guardian, Chaos, Storm

(Cinnamomum camphora)
Parts Used: Gum
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: Anti-aphrodisiac, healing, diviantion. The odor of this herb can lessen sex drives,
and can also ward of colds. Added to incense for tarot reading etc. True camphor is rarely available.
Dragons: Water, Seas, Air, Guardian, Light.

( Carum carvi)
Also called: Careum, carvi
Parts used: Seeds
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Type of Ritual: Protection, passion, mental clarity. Carry the seeds or hang them about in a bag to drive
off evil entities and thieves. When used in cooking the increase sexual desire. Burned they sharpen the
mental faculities.
Dragons: Air, Fire, Seas, Storm

( Elettaria cardamomum)
Also called: Ebil, capalage, ilachi, ailum, grains of paradise
Parts used: Dried ripe seeds
Planet: Mercury, sometimes Venus
Element: Fire, sometimes Water
Type of Ritual: Love, creativity, divination, preditction. Steeped in warm wine or used in baking, they set
up love vibration. Burned as incense or soaked in bath water, it strengthens creativity and sharpens
predictive powers
Dragons: Fire, Air, Seas, Guardian

(Croton eleuteria)
Also called: Sweetwood bark, sweet bark, elutheria, aromatic quinquina, false quinquina
Parts used: Dried bark
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Type od Ritual: Psychic vision, divinations, magick. Use in the bath water or burn as incense.
Dragons: Light, Dark, Desert, Guardian

(Cinnamomum cassia)
Parts used: Bark
Planet: The Sun sometimes Mercury
Element: Fire
type of Ritual: Protection, healing, success. Can be used as a substitute for cinnamon, althought
cinnamon is easier to obtain. Use in incense or rool oiled candles in the powder.
Dragons: Fire, Water, Earth, Light, Dark, Mountians, Desert, Chaos, Guardian

(Nepeta cataria)
Also called: Field balm, catmint, catnep, cat's wort, nip, catrup.
Parts used: The herb
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: Love, animal contacts. Can create a psychic bond with certian dragons. Use in love sachets
or add a small amount to herbal teas. Traditions says that growing catnip near your home will attract luck and good spirits;
it will also attract every cat in the neighborhood.
Dragons: Water, Earth, Light, Mountains, Guardian.

(Cedrus libani, cedar of Lebanon, the old world species; Thuja accidentais, yellow cedar of arbor vitea, tree of life,
Juniperus virginana, red cedar)
Also called: Tree of life, arbor vitea, cedar of Lebanon
Parts used: Wood, Oil
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire/Water
Type of Ritual: Purification, excorism, Fresh Cedar boughs are used as brooms for purifaction, exorcisms, and to clean temples.
Cedar chips for shavings burned as part of your incense purifies the vibrations of your sacred area and house, driving out all
negative entities.
Dragons: Fire, Volcanoes, Water, Seas, Light, Dark, Choas, Wind, Storm, Desert.

(Anthemis noblis, Matricaria chamomilla)
Also called: Roman camomile, wild chamomile, manzanilla, ground apple, whig plant.
Parts used: Flowers
Planet: Sun
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: Prosperity, meditation, sleep purification. Chamomile tea is an excellent sleepy tea, even for small children.
Use in incenses, sachet bags, or baths to draw prosperity and said aid in meditation. Growing Chamomile which like apples when cut.
Dragons: Water, Seas, Earth, Light, Dark, Mountains, Fire, Guardian

Cherry, wild
(Prunus avium, P. serotina, P. virginiana)
Also called: Black cherry, chokecherry
Parts used: Wood, Bark, Fruit
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth/Air, sometimes Water
Type of Ritual: Creativity, health. In the Orient they say to tie a strand of your hair to a blooming tree and you will be
led to your true love. The bark can be burned as incense or added to sachets.
Dragons: Air, Earth, Mountains, Water

Cicely, sweet
(Myrrhis odorata)
Also called: British Myrrh
Parts used: The herb,seeds, root
Planet: Sun
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: This herb is not often grown in the U.S.
Surround a love candle with it
Dragons: Water, Guardian

(Cinnamonum zeylanicum or C. lauraceae)
Also called: Sweet Wood; see Cassia
Parts used: Bark, oil
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Protection, healing, passion. Burn to raise vibration to a high spiritual level. Mixed with Myrrh to makes
a good general purpose incense. Cinnamon has long been used for ritual purposes in the Middle East.
Dragons: Fire, Water, Seas, Volcanoes, Chaos

(Potentilla canadensis or P. reptans)
Also called: Five finger grass, sunfield, five-leaf grass
Parts Used: The herb
Planets: Jupiter
Element: Earth, sometimes Fire.
Type of Ritual: Protection, love, prosperity, healing, precognitive dreams. An infusion sprinkled around the house
and on a person will drive out curses and bad luck. Carried this herb will attract all good things your way.
A bag of it hung over the bed help will help with precognitive dreams.
Dragons: Earth, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, Mountains, Desert, Chaos

Clary Sage
(Salvia sclarea)
Parts used: Seeds, Oil
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: Love, magick. Add to sachets, incense, and baths.
Dragons: Water, Seas, Guardian

( Eugenia caryophyllata, Caryophyllus aromaticuse, or Syzygium aromaticum)
Parts used: Undeveloped flowers and buds
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Protection, memory, prosperity. Add to incense or wear to drive away negative forces.
Cloves in incense stops gossip against you and draws good luck.
Dragons: Air, Earth, Light, Dark, Mountains, Wind, Desert, Chaos, Guardian

Club Moss
(Lycopodium clavotum)
Also called: Foxtail, Wolf claw, Staghorn
Parts used: The herb, spores
Planet: Mercury, sometimes the Moon
Element: Air, sometimes Water
Type of Ritual: Protection. Add to incense and sachets.
Dragons: Air, Water, Chaos, Dark

Deer's Tounge
(Frasera speciosa or Liatris odoratissima)
Also called: Wild Vanilla
Parts used: Leaves
Planet: Venus, sometimes Mars
Element: Earth/Air, sometimes Fire
Type of Ritual: Love, the psychic. sprinkled on the bed or worn it will attract men. Wear it to increase
psychic powers
Dragons: Fire, Earth, Water, Light, Dark, Guardian

Dittany of Crete
(Origanum dictamnus)
Also called: Hop Marjoram
Parts used: The herb
Planet: Mercury, sometimes Venus
Element: Earth/Air, sometimes Water
Type of Ritual: Divination, manifestation. When burned it is a powerful cleanser of vibrations. Also produces spirit
manifestaions in the smoke.
Dragons: Water, Seas, Light, Dark, Desert, Desert, Chaos, Guardian

Dragon's Blood
(Deamonorops draco, Dracaena draco)
Also called Calamus blood
Parts used: Gum
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Energy, purification, protection. Add a pinch of the ground gum to incense to increase the potency and effectiveness.
The powder can be used to draw symbols and protective sigils during rituals; dragon's blood ink is very good for this.
To make grind a small amount of dragon's blood into a power and dissouvle in alcohol and store in a tight sealed bottle.
The ink will be almost invisable, but the legibility is not what is important.
Dragons: ALL

(Plumeria acuminata and P. ruba)
Parts used: Flowers
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: Love. Roll anointed love candles in the crushed flowers and further surround the burning candle with them.
Dragons: Fire, Water, Seas

(Boswellia carterii or B. Thurifera)
Also called: Olibanum, olibans, incense
Parts used: Gum
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Protection, pruification, cansecration, exorcism. A very ancient and powerful incense ingredient;
can be added to sachet bags
Dragons: ALL

(Zingiber officinale)
Also called: African ginger, Black Ginger
Parts used: The root
Planet: Mars, sometimes Sun
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Offertory, success, power. The root can be placed on the alter and around the circle as an offering to the
Earth dragons. Grow ginger roots to attract success; sprinkle the powder in your purse or wallet. Burn to draw power
Dragons: Guardian, Fire, Earth, Mountains, Desert

(Lawsonia alba, L. inermis)
Also called: Al-Khanna, al-henna, Jamaica mignonette, Egyptian privet, mehndi, mendee
Parts used: Leaves, Flowers
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: Exorcism, uncrossing, healing. Dab the powder on your forehead to relieve a headache.
Burn in incense for exorcisms
Dragons: Light, Dark, Choas

(Jasminum officinale, J. odoratissimun)
Also called: Moonlight on the grove, jessamin, jessamine
Parts used: Flowers
Planet: Jupiter, sometimes the Moon
Element: Earth, sometimes Water
Type of Ritual: Love, prosperity. The flowers of J. odoratissimun are used to draw a spiritual type of love.
Burn or carry the flowers to attract money or prophetic dreams
Dragons: Water, Seas, Earth, Desert, Guardian

(Juniperus communis)
Parts used: Berries, branches
Planet: Sun, sometimes Saturn
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Protection, love, ercism. A very old European protective herb that guards againest theft, it can be hung on
doors, grown next to the house or burned as incense. The berries can be added to incense by men to increase their sexual prowess.
The burned berries also drive away curses and increase psychic ability
Dragons: ALL

(Lavendula officinale, L. vera)
Also called: Spike, Elf Leaf
Parts used: Flowers
Planet: Mercury, sometimes Jupiter
Element: Air
Type of Ritual: Love, protection, purification. Burns as a sacrifice to the very anicet dragons. Make sachet bags of the dried
flowers and store among your clothes to both attract love and give protection. Burn as incense, lavender purifies
Dragons: Air, Water, Seas, Wind, Chaos, Guardian

Lemon Verbena
(Lippia citriodora)
Also called: Yerba louisa, cedron
Parts used: the Herb
Planet: Venus, sometimes Mercury
Element: Air
Typr of Ritual: Purification, love. The scent of this herb is said to be attractive to the opposite sex of the person who as a bouquet
of it in their home or in thier garden. Add to bath water as a purifier
Dragons: Air, Wind, Water, Seas, Fire

(Glycyrrihiza glabra)
Also called: Licorice root, sweet licorice, sweet wood
Parts used: the root
Planet: Mercury, sometimes Venus
Element: Earth/Air, sometimes Water
Type of Ritual: Love, protection, prophetic dreams. Chew on a stick of the root to create passion. Use a dried stick as a wand for
protection rituals. Add small amounts to incese to increase you prophetic dreaming.
Dragons: Water, Seas, Air, Earth, Chaos, Dark, Light

(Pistachia lentiscus)
Also called: Masitcke, gum mastic
Parts used: Gum
Planet: Sun
Element: Air
Type of Ritual: Clairvoyance, manifestations. Add to incense where a manifestation is desired. Burn to gain psychic vision
Dragons: Desert, Air, Wind, Light, Dark, Chaos

(Artemisia vulgaris)
Also called: Naughty man, old man, artemisia, witch herb, muggons, sailor's tobacco
Parts used: the herb
Planet: Venus
Element: Air, sometimes Earth
Type of Ritual: Protection, clairvoyance. Rub fresh leaves on crystal balls to strengthen their powers.
The odor is suppose to open the third eye. If used in sleep-pillows,
it will give prophetic dreams and increaseyour clairvoyance ability.
Bunches of mugwort hung in the house repels negative entites.
Dragons: Light, Dark, Chaos, Guardians

(Commophoria myrrha)
Also called: Karan, mirra balsom, odendron, gum mrryh
Parts used, Gum
Planet: Sun, sometimes Saturn or the Moon
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: Protection, purification, excorism. The smoke is used to consecrate, purify, and bless objects.
Often used with frankincense to raise the vibrations and drive away negative entites. Increase the power of any
incense to which it is added.
Dragons: ALL

(Quercus robur and Q. alba)
Also called: Tanner's bark, white oak
Parts used: Leaves, wood, acorns
Planet: Sun, sometimes Jupiter
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Prosperity, protection, feritility power. Acorns or small pieces of wood carried for protection of all kinds....even illness.
Carrying an acorn also increases physical fertility. Plant an acorn in the dark of the Moon to increase your prosperity.
Dragons: Fire, Earth, Mountians, Desert, Volcanoes, Chaos, Guardian

(Carum petroselinum; Petroselinum sativum)
Also called: Garden parsley, rock parsley, persely
Parts used: Root, seeds, plant
Planet: Mercury
Element: Earth/Air
Type of Ritual: Fertility, reicarnation, protection. Eating parsley is said to increase fertility, its presence on your plate
is for protection againest illness. The ancient Romans accociated it with death; used small amounts of dried
herb as incense to meditating on past lives.
Dragons: Light, Dark, Chaos

(Pogostemon cablin or P. Patchouli)
Also called: Pucha-pot
Parts used: The herb
Planet: Sun, sometimes Mars and Saturn
Element: Earth
Type of Ritual: assion, love, divination, protection, death. The dried herb improves with age. Usually used in the oil form.
The Hindus burn it with thier dead to protect them in their journey into the spiritual; use it in incense
when meditating upon past lives, especially when venturing in to areas of previous deaths.
Add to love sachets and baths. Use a small amount in insemce when performing divinations.
Dragons: Fire, volcanoes, Light, Dark, Chaos

(Capsicum spp.)
Also called: Cayenne, red pepper, capsicum
Parts used: Berries
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: protection, exorcism. Burn only in tiny amounts mixed with other herbs,
the smoke can sting the eyes of humans and pets.
Dragons: Fire, Volcanoes, Chaos, Dark

(Pinus spp.)
Parts used: Cone, nuts, needles.
Planet: Mars
Element: Earth, sometimes Air
Type of Ritual: Purification, fertility, energy, exorcism. An excellent purifier and energizer when mixed
with equal parts of juniper and cedar. Use the needles in baths and to burn as exorcism incense
Carry the cone to improve fertility
Dragons, Mountians, Air, Light, Dark, Seas, Wind, Storm, Volcanoes, Chaos

Red Saunders
(Pterocarpus santalinum)
Also called: Red Sandalwood, ruby wood, red santal wood, sappan, lignum rubrum
Parts used: Wood
Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Type of Ritual: Protection, purifaction, healing, love. A blood-red color and an intresting scent. Used to enhance and increase
the power of incense
Dragons: Air, Wind

(Rosa spp.)
Parts used: Flowers
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: Love, clairvoyance. Use in bouquets, sachets bags, baths and incense to draw love. These will also will reduce tension within a home. Drink a tea of rosebuds to improve clairvoyance.
Dragons: Water, Earth, Light, Dark, Guardian

(Rosemarinus officinalis)
Also called: Dew of the sea, incensier, sea dew, rosemarie, guardrobe
Parts used: Needles
Planet: Sun, sometimes Moon
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Purification, love, intellect, protection. Highly valued by anicent magicians, and used in religious
incense and magickal spells. Rosemary yields its oil only to wine, not water. The scent of Rosemary oil often relieves headaches
Dragons: Fire, Air, Dark, Desert

(Salvia officinalis varieties)
Also called: Garden sage, Red sage, White sage
Parts used: the Herb
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Earth, sometimes Air
Type of Ritual: Wisdom, prosperity. Sage is a symbol of immortality and wisdom, it became an additive to food.
Add the leaves to money sachets or inceses. Native Americans burn Sage for purification
Dragons: Desert, Air, Earth, Light, Dark, Mountians

(Santalum album)
Also called: Santal, sandal, white sandalwood, yellow sandalwood
Parts used: Bark
Planet: the Moon (white and red); sometimes Mercury (white) and Venus (red)
Element: Air, sometimes Water
Type or Ritual: Protection, purification, healing. Combine sandalwood and rose oils or sandalwood and rose petals for an excellent
all-purpose purification and anointing oil. See Red Saunders. Burning pure sandlawood will purify an area. Producing vibrations of
protections and healing.
Dragons: ALL

Savory, Summer
(Satureia hortensis)
Also called: Bean herb
Parts used: The Herb
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth/Air
type of Ritual: Intellect, creativity. Slightly peppery tast and smell. Eat it, wear it, or burn it
Dragons: Air, Earth

(Urginea scilla)
Also called: White squill, maritime squill
Parts used: Bulb
Planet: Mars
Element: Earth/Air
Type of Ritual: Prosperity, success, psychic visions. Place pieces of squill in a jar with money to draw prosperity and success.
Burn it with Dittany of Crete for psychic visions.
Dragons: Air, Earth, Water, Light, Dark, Desert

(Liquidamber orientalis or L. styraciflua)
American species, also called sweet gum
Parts used: Wood, inner bark
Planet: Sun, sometimes Mercury and Saturn
Element: Fire
Type of Ritual: Purification, success. See Styrax oil. NOTE: the storax of the ancients is the this tree, but Styrax officinale,
a close relative of benzoin. If you are fortunate to get styrax oil, add it to your incense.
Dragons; Fire, Earth, Light, Dark, Desert

(thymus vulgaris, garden thyme; T. serpyllum, wild thyme)
Also called: Common thyme, mother of thyme
Parts used: The herb
Planet: Venus
Element: Air, sometimes Water
Type of Ritual: Clairvoyance, purification. Burnin incense to purge magickal rooms of unwanted vibrations.
Wild thyme also called mother of thyme, creates a pure atmosphere wherever it grows; its a favorite with dragons and fairies
Dragons: Air, Water, Seas, Wind, Light, Dark

(Vetiveria zizanioides)
Also called: Khus-khus, Vetivert, vertivert
Parts used: Root
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth/Air
Type of Ritual: Love, protection, prosperity. Root smells like faded violets or sandalwood. Add to incense for exorcism.
Blend with other herbs in love sachets, baths, and incense. Carry ti attract love and money
Dragons: Air, Earth, Desert, Guardian

(Viola tricolor or V. odorata)
Also called: Blue Violet, Sweet Voilet
Parts used: flower
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: Passion, sleep, protection. Associated with sunset and twilight. Mix with Lavendar for sachets that create passion. The scent is said to help with sleep. Grow the flowers in your garden to bring good luck.
Dragons: Water, Fire, Seas, Guardian

(Achillea millefolium)
Also called: Seven year's love, military herb, soldier's woundwort, milfoil,
arrow root, ladie's mantle, wound wort devil's bit, snake grass
Parts used: Flowers
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Type of Ritual: Love, clairvoyance, exorcism. Hang bunches over the bed for long-lasting love. Burn as part of an incense to both cast out negative entites and increase clairvoyance
Dragons: Water, Seas, Chaos

Yerba Buena
(Satureja doughlasii)
Parts Used: leaves
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Type of Ritual: Hexing, binding, protection, Use is sachets and incense.
Dragons: Earth, Dark, Chaos, Volcanoes

Yerba Mate
(Ilex paraguayensis)
Also called: Paraguay herb, mate, Jesuit's tea, Brazil tea
Parts used: Leaves
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Type of Ritual: Cursing, binding, protection. A disagreeable odor. scatter across the outside entrance of your home to repel unwanted visitors. Burn small amounts with other ingredients to bind people or entities.
Dragons: Volcanoes, Earth, Dark, Choas

Yerba Santa
(Eriodictyon glutinosum, E. californicum)
Also called: Mountain Balm, consumptive' s weed, gum bush, bear's weed, tarweed
Parts used: Leaves
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire/Water
Type of Ritual: Riches, honor, health. Used in baths for health. Carry the leaves to protect you, draw honor and good health.
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Dragon Magick and herbs (warning long post)
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