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 Have stuff, want to make... but what?

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PostSubject: Have stuff, want to make... but what?   Wed Oct 05, 2011 8:06 am

Hey there Very Happy

So i need the help of you crafty people. I'm an artist, i'm not a crafty person. Go figure.

I have some wood that had been struck by lightning. It's amazing. And i feel that it'd be a great connection to the raw power of nature. The only thing is, i dunno how to make anything out of it. It's a piece of the outside bark, and it's hard and about the size of my palm, nothing too big at all.

I thought of a necklace? But i don't want a huge bottle just hanging there. But that's where my mind stops. Necklace..... that's it. lol. Now other thoughts i had were casing them in resin and making a sort of bracelet? But i don't know how to make things like that, and would be scared it would come off and break, and i'd cry :c

if you guys have any advice or tutorials, i'd love to see them.

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Have stuff, want to make... but what?
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