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 The Healing Crafts

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PostSubject: The Healing Crafts   Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:10 am

I'd like to open up a discussion on Healing! :3 It's one of my favorite subjects, as i love helping people. There are SO many ways of healing, though, and i'd like to know what you all think about some of them.

Personally, i heal with just basic touch/energy healing. I have before i met Saffir(ladyhatter) but she's really helped me grow in it, because she's amazing at it. x.x It's not too hard to start learning, but mastering it takes discipline. AND you have to be careful to ground, ground, ground - Else you could be taking on that energy yourself. Meaning, if you're healing a sore muscle, you might find your own to start hurting soon... I should know! Almost happened to me.

Grounding is the most important thing with healing, if you're using energy healing or some other method, you're always using energy from the earth/gods. While you shouldn't be afraid to borrow from them, you also shouldn't be greedy. Just "expecting" the energy to flow is a recipe for disaster, mostly because sometimes gods don't appreciate that and just wont do it. The earth however, is always just neutral. But it's still rude to just take without at least saying a thank you! x3

Even with crystal healing, using herbs, you're still putting energy into it. Mostly with herbs though it's putting together that lil bag with magickal thoughts - You should still ground yourself to cleanse your energy ^^; -- And Crystals are lil hubs for magic. But they can wear out! I've actually had two instances on crystals and stones either cracking on me after too much use, or just falling off of a necklace.

Weirdest story with the necklaces, too. They were round "donut" shaped stones, with a hole in the middle in which i did a *looks it up..* ... i guess, a cow hitch knot. And i had just tied it into a necklace. Well, with that knot things don't just fall off. I was don't something, like walking across my room when i felt it drop. There it was, on the floor, plain as day. I took off my necklace - Still tied, minus the stone. And there wasn't a thing wrong with the cord or the stone. SO i promptly tried with with another i had, testing and re-testing my knots. And...the same thing happened. It freaked me out XD But i guess those little stones weren't enough for what i was wanting. Which was just a worry stone, or an absorber. And protection. These were just cheaply bought stones, however!

Also: Healing spells vs. Ad-libbing - I Ad-lib all the time. Nothing against full on written spells! Discuss this too maybe~?

And there's all the different ways that those with different beliefs heal, i'd like to hear it all! ^^

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The Healing Crafts
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